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Testimonial – David and Jacqui (Australian Videocamera Magazine)

Posted on: March 5th, 2019 by admin_wrenwood

Back in the late 70s and early 80s, every New Years’ Eve, my two brothers and I would pack up the Torana hatchback and our 5 meter runabout and head for Augusta on the far south west coast of Western Australia.

The aim was a week of camping, fishing, snorkelling, taking photographs and having a few beers. On occasion, a mate might come with us, but generally it was just the three of us.

Last year, I my partner Jacqui decided to re-live these days – as much as you could as the landscape has changed dramatically as other folk found this pristine coastline area and built. In that process, we discovered Wrenwood Chalets, 8Km north of Augusta at Deepdene and run by David and Anita.

At Wrenwood, are two purpose built 2 bedroom chalets, fully self contained, and hidden away within 100 acres of bush. A third 3 bedroom unit is available that is not as deep into the property and is adjacent to the main office.

Everything you need for a stay away is included in each chalet / unit including bedding, towels, cutlery and crockery, cooking facilities, barbecue, TV, DVD player, wood heater, washing machine and more.

In the 2 bedroom chalets, the main bedroom has a queen size double bed and a dual bunk bed, with the 2nd bedroom having a 3 bunk system. The 3 bed unit offers a total of 7 beds including a queen size double and bunk beds.

From Wrenwood Chalets, all of the well known delights of the south west are easily accessible. These include vineyards and wineries, olive oil, specialist shops, and chocolate factories, world class restaurants of all flavours, excellent fishing, boating, safe swimming and snorkelling, and of course, just up the road is the world famous breaks of Margaret River.

Only a few kilometres down the road from Wrenwood Chalets is the beautiful Jewel Cave and if you travel the 8 Km to Augusta and through to Cape Leeuwin, breathtaking scenery and history awaits you. To the north lies Yallingup, Canal Rocks and a multitude of bays with perfect white sand kissed by the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean and blessed with some of the best sunsets you will ever see!

In other words, we have decided Wrenwood Chalets is the perfect location from which to base our future planned south west holidays, make it a base for creating our videos for the magazine and just the simple weekend away for a break.

If, like us, you enjoy photography, video, fishing, snorkeling, boating, wine tasting, good food and a brilliant place to stay, Wrenwood has it all – and only 3 hours from Perth, so a weekend is quite doable.